Our Horses:

When possible we will attempt to honor any request to ride a specific horse.
Not all horses featured below may be available on the day of your ride.

(Email us any photos you have and we will post them on our Rider Experiences page.)


Breed: Paint

His mother is Cheyenne. Born in the stable in 2000. He works under any ability of rider. Very sweet disposition. He is very aware of his surroundings. He is borderline horse/pony size.


Breed: Tennesse Walker

He was born at the Corral in 2001, his mother is Lovie. She can handle and any rider but prefers intermediate or advanced rider. She is a palamino. She is about 14 hands high. She is a sturdy horse.


Breed: Paso Fino

She is dun buckskin with a dorsal stripe. She is very smooth gaited for any rider under 180 lbs. Her boyfriend is Cody 2. She is a high energy ride. She is about 12 hands high.


Breed: Chesnut

Bert is a chestnut grade gelding. Has been used for sleigh and cart rides. He is very affectionate. Needs a intermediate to advanced rider.

Big Al

Breed: TBD

Check back for details.

Big Mamma

Breed: Quarter Horse

Big mamma is a red dun Quarter horse mare. She is sweet and loves people. Used for beginners.


Breed: Black Quarter Horse

He is good for almost any skilled rider under 180 lbs. He is often used for beginners due to his disposition. He is the perfect riding horse.


Breed: Small Quarter Horse

He is good for a slightly advanced rider.


Breed: Quarter Horse

Cali is a 15 year old Paint mare. Cali came to us unbroke and after receiving her training is now used out on trails for riders that have 40 plus hours since she is still learning how to neck reign.


Breed: Quarter Horse

Check back for details.


Breed: Indian Paint

He is good for any skill of rider under 180 lbs. He gets along with all of the other horses and loves walking. He has been at the Corral since 1998.


Breed: Paso Fino

She is mostly used with intermediate or advanced riders. She is very high energy. She is good with riders up to 180 lbs. She is a brown horse with black points. She is a smooth rider. She has been at the Corral since 1998.


Breed: Paint Pony

Paint pony of a Welsh mixed grade. He is a quick horse, fast thinking and responsive. This makes him great for intermediate riders with moxy.


Breed: Mustang

He has a big imagination. He is great intermediate and advanced skill riders.


Breed: Quarter Horse

Ebony is a seal bay 15 year old quarter horse mare. She loves treats. And is very sweet. Good for intermediate riders. Her boyfriend is Trigger and he best friend is Maggie.


Breed: Quarter horse/Thoroughbred

More information coming!


Breed: Quarter Horse

She is about 12-13 hands. She was trained at an older age and great for intermediate or advanced skill riders. She is sweet with a cautious nature and needing trust in her rider.


Breed: Paint/Quarter Horse

She is good for any skill up to 200#, loves to trot, best friend is Morgan and they are the most gentle of the herd and welcome all newcomer horses. She is palamino by color. She has been at the Corral since 2000.


Breed: Paint

He is great for any rider and smooth gaited.


Breed: Mixed Appaloosa

Large well tempered beginner horse. He is solid and perfect for beginner riders and loves to go on trail.

Little Rocky

Breed: Quarter Horse

Little rocky is a Quarter Horse used for arena rides. Loves the attention he gets from the kids and the treats


Breed: Paso Fino

She is brown with black points. She is good for any skilled rider that is 120 lbs or less. She hangs out with Austin and her 3 children. She has been here since 1995.


Breed: Arabian

Personally is a great ride. He takes pride in riding and is considered playful and quick gaited. He is best for intermediate riders. His best friend is Sugar.


Breed: Quarter Horse & Pony

She is bay, brown with black points. 180# any skill and loves walking. She gets along with most horses in the heard. She has been at the stable since 2000.


Breed: -

Check back for details.


Breed: Tennesse Walker

He prefers young female riders. He has a very gentle disposition. His color is chestnut. He has been at the Corral for 12 years. You can ride him English or western. He gets along with almost every horse at the stable and is popular among the young fillies. He loves to trot.


Breed: Belgian Quarter Horse Mix

Born in 2004, she is put together correctly with solid confirmation and strong endurance. She is great for intermediate or advanced skill riders.


Breed: Paint/Quarter Horse

Mixed breed paint and quarter horse: He is very gentle for 16 hands tall. He is crucial to the Corral. He can be ridden by anyone and can handle larger riders. He has been with the Corral since 1994. His best friend is Dakota.


Breed: TBD

Check back for details.


Breed: Appaloosa

Born around 1990 he is an Appaloosa gelding. Rocky's girlfriend is Sue. He is used for beginner to intermediate riders.


Breed: Arabian

Sassy is a flea bitten gray Arabian mare. She loves people and cookies. She is very lazy and takes her time on trail.


Breed: Quarter Horse

He is often used for beginners up to 120#. He loves all other horses in the heard and loves to walk. He was been at the corral for 7 years. He can be as fast as any other horse in the herd but is gentle. Greg Grit's baby.


Breed: TBD

Check back for details.


Breed: -

Check back for details.


Breed: Chestnut Quarter Horse

She is the alpha mare of the herd and great for almost any skill ride but usually used for intermediate riders.


Breed: Mustang Paint Cross

Storm, born in 2009 is a mustang paint cross. She is very friendly and loves people. She needs a intermediate rider


Breed: Quarter Horse

She is Bay in color but close to black. She can handle any rider up to 200 lbs and will work with any rider. She has been with the corral for 5 years.


Breed: Standard Bred

She is a standard bred with a smooth gait and great for any skill of rider.


Breed: -

Check back for details.


Breed: Palomino

He is good for any rider up to 180# but prefers women. Personality plus. He loves attention and is very gentle and loves to trot.

Jesse & James

Breed: -

Check back for details.


Breed: Paint

Check back for details.


Breed: Belgian Work Horse & Pony Mix

He is used for beginning riders. He was born in 1986.


Breed: Saddle Bred

She has been at the Corral since 1995. She was a foul when we received her and is the watch dog of the herd. Her awareness of the surrounds is very alert. She is a chestnut by color and is a solid riding for advanced riders under 180 lbs and she prefers women.


Breed: Quarter Horse Mix

Winston, born in 2004 is a Quarter horse cross. He is very mischievous and takes halters off of horses in the herd he is best friends with Braveheart. He is used for intermediate riders.


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