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Cousin Camp 2011

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This is the fifth year of Cousins Camp, when we have our grandchildren at our place in Fish Creek for a week. The highlight every year is a visit to Kurtz Corral, and we save it until the last day before the parents return. As always, the kids love it, and we thank you for being such a wonderful host to them all... See you next year!

~ Dennis & Pat Kaldor

New Years Eve Candlelight Ride - December 31, 2009

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With over 20 riders of all ages, the fun filled one-hour ride throughout the woods of Door County was a huge success. After the ride everyone enjoyed a cup of hot cider or a glass of champagne around the fireplace. Fresh shrimp with cocktail sauce and lasagna with garlic bread was served as the post ride dinner.

Fall 2010

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"Thanks for the ride! had a great time! Here are the pics from that day."

~Photo by Bill Collans

Rachel, Roxana, Yvette & Maria - September 2010

"Thank you for a great weekend of trail riding! Even with horses of our own back home, it was nice to get away and do a trail ride somewhere else!

Your Staff was courteous and pleasant to work with. They did a nice job selecting horses that would be good skill/personality matches for everyone in our group. We had different skill levels in both the rides we did and it didn't cramp our style if we did more walking or trotting. It was nice to be out and enjoy the nice weather and company.

They were especially accomodating when the mare I started out on just didn't feel right under me. He quickly grabbed me a different mare, and she and I had a nice ride!

The wooded areas of the trails were so pretty and it was fun to have a creek to cross. The rest of the countryside was appealing and enjoyable to see from horseback.

We had Lucas for our trail guide both times and was fun to ride with! He also checked on us regularly to make sure our equipment was good and everyone was comfortable, etc."

~ Emailed by Rachel Turner

Margo & Tonya - Labor Day Weekend 2010

(Tonya Faust & Margo Faust-Ziegler)

~Photo by Mark Husby

Umlauf Family - Labor Day Weekend 2010


"We had a wonderful trail ride and the horses are beautiful!"

~Photo by Mark Husby

Katie & Matt - Labor Day Weekend 2010

"Had a wonderful ride...trails are beautiful and the wine tour was well worth it."

~Photo by Mark Husby

Sarah & Kelsey - Summer 2010

"Thanks for making our day today. Our daughters Sara and Kelsey were thrilled to reunite with Morgan and Bougart again. It was certainly worth the trip from Mackinaw.  Thanks again,  Scott, Krista, Sara & Kelsey"

~Emailed by Krista Quackenbush

Christina Gallison - Summer 2010

"For my second time riding a horse ever, Kurtz Corral made my experience relaxing and enjoyable! I was so impressed with the first time I had been there it was silly not to come back and try it again. The entire experience from the minute we pulled onto the dirt road into the Corral up until the time I was on the horse walking through the beautiful open fields and forest was something I will never forget. The guides were helpful and encouraging to help keep everyone comfortable and avoid scaring the horses. I was able to spend some extra time with the owner and some close family and friends after the ride making it a perfect ending to a perfect day. I will definitely be coming back to ride again!"

~Photo by Christina Gallison

Brenton Weber & Aimee Hintz - Summer 2010

This photo was taken on July 17, 2010 of Brenton and Aimee from Colgate, WI.

~Photo by Mark Husby

Suzanne Wells - Summer 2010

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"Dear Jimmy and Paul,
Thanks so much for the great week of riding! I had a blast. Here are a few photos for the website. -"

~Suzanne Wells

Cousin Camp - August 2009

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Last August we brought our 10 grandchildren to your riding stable as part of our annual 'Cousins Camp'. You expressed interest in receiving a picture for possible use on your web site. Attached is a picture of all the kids for you to use as you wish.
Thanks again for another wonderful experience. We'll see you again next August."

~Dennis from Manitowoc, WI.

Hallie & Kelly Gruenwald - Fall 2009

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~These photos were submitted by riders Hallie & Kelly Gruenwald.

Cindy Risetter Claycomb - 2008

"My girls and I in 2008. So many great memories...so many more still to make!"

~Photo submission from Facebook.

Kathryn Rogalski - 1998

"Lightning - what a good pony."

~Photo submission from Facebook.

Customer Quotes:

"We just took our kids there today, most on the trail path, but our youngest did the arena ride. the kids couldn't stop talking about it ... they loved it!! everyone had a great time. we will definately recommend to all our friends...what a great experience."

~Submission via Feedback Form by Doug & Kim Voigt.

"Kurtz Corral is the nicest riding stable in Door County. They have wonderful horses, staff, trails, and run a fun and safe program. Definately check them out if you are vacationing in Door County!"

~Submission from Facebook by Christy M. Anderson.

"Ya know, I've ridden horses all over the USA, and England too, and Kurtz's still can not be topped for authentic good riding, and most beautiful country! Miss it SO much!"

~Submission from Facebook by Kathy Getman.

"I so remember those fun days hanging out at Kurtz Corral. Loved all the animals!!!"

~Submission from Facebook by Lisa Marie Stracka-Osborn.

"We had the best time at Kurtz!! We will be back in June!"

~Submission from Facebook by Candy Oppman.

"Thank you for a real trail ride on March 28! Hope to see you in the fall. Please give Cody and Bambi an extra treat from me. LOL... They were GREAT!"

~Submission from Facebook by Allison Goodman.

"I can not wait to go riding there! I'll be going up there in a couple of weeks. I've been past it everytime I travel up to door county but have never had time to stop in."

~Submission from Facebook by Melissa Junk.

"Our family tries to get a trail ride in while on vacation. Kurtz Corral shines above the rest of the stables that we have been to--including others in WI, MO, and TN. Keep up the great work--we loved how we used treats to greet the horses and the trail guide was very attentive to our child's concern in horse handling. We will be back!"

~Submission via Feedback Form by Thomas Family.