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(The following reviews were posted on Trip Advisor or Yelp.)

“Great Memory.”
The staff was wonderful and the horses were healthy and super friendly. The guide Paul was a perfect gentleman!

~ Reviewed May 14, 2014

Tom R. (Yelp)
My wife and I both owned horses B.C. (before children). My experience as a horse owner was an awesome experience, her's not so much. The horse she owned spooked at everything! After running out from under her after rustling leaves may it bolt from a dead stop she didn't ride for months then when she decided to ride it in the middle of an open field it literally laid down. She took her saddle off and told me to sell it. That was ten years ago. She had never been on a horse since. That is why I was shocked that she not only allowed me to talk her into letting our two girls go on a trail ride while on vacation she decided she was going also!
The horses we were given were of great temperament and I was even able to get mine to trot up beside my one daughter when I was concerned she may have been doing something wrong. Immediately our trail guide asked me if I was alright. Since we had been talking during the ride she knew I had rode many times before so she wasn't overly concerned but I appreciated the alertness that she had to all the riders.
Our daughters who had never rode a horse that was not tethered to a walker thoroughly enjoyed themselves also!
Way to go Kurtz Corral!
You were the highlight of our trip! We had an enjoyable ride.
Knowing the time, effort, and cost of horse ownership I would never own one again but it sure was great to rent one! If you find yourself in Door County this is the place to go.

~ Reviewed July 6, 2013

Mike C. (Yelp)
Amazing experience!
We took the 1hr walking trail and it was just beautiful and scenic as it gets. Our tour guide was very good and talked to us the whole time. the horses all look so healthy and large. We had a great experience with GoldieLocks and Trigger.
Everything about this place was great, the video in the beginning was very helpful to us newbies and the wooded trails were beautiful.
We would definitely go back to Kurtz and be sure to print out the waiver forms at home and bring them in, it saves you $5 per rider.

~ Reviewed June 3, 2013

John C. (Yelp)
Whether your first time on a horse, or an experienced rider, Kurtz Corral is the best. I've ridden all over the US and in other countries, Kurtz Corral is my favorite stable in Wisconsin. This fun family run operation has great horses, attentive personable guides who know horses and enjoy working with the public. Trot across rolling fields, gallop thru the woods, or take you child or grand child on their first walk-along.

~ Reviewed November 19, 2011

“Best place for a trail ride.”
Good place to go if you have not ridden a horse before or just want to get on a horse, go for a slow ride and get off. Perfect if you are with kids, they take such good care of the little ones. But be careful, your kids may want to go back every weekend!

~ Reviewed November 16, 2012

“Trail Riding”
Went on a one hour trail ride at this stable for the first time, great experience, pretty trails, reasonable prices. The stable is well run, good selection of horses for all abilities. The pre-ride video they have is great for riders with little experience. (and I thought it was a nice touch that you can give your horse a treat before and after the ride). Our guide Lucas was very friendly and helpful. They gave me a nice Paso Fino mare, she was very smooth and the ride thru the woods with the fall colors was beautiful. My friend who is an inexperienced rider got a sweet Tennessee Walker gelding who was perfect for her. Next time I'll definitely do the longer ride that includes cantering. I'll definitely recommend this stable to anyone visiting Door County.

~ Reviewed October 10, 2012

“1st time on a horse - loved it !!”
We turned up without booking midweek, 1st time on a horse for me, my partner had her own horse in Britain . we were well catered for with a good choice of horses . Our guide was very friendly and chatty. A lovely ride through the woods and very reasonably priced. I would recommend it to anyone visiting the area.

~ Reviewed October 9, 2012

“Kids loved it!”
To be honest, the feature we liked best is the fact that children can take a trail ride without having to be accompanied by a parent (after standard waiver signed). Great for parents who have kids who like horses but aren't fond of them themselves....

~ Reviewed September 3, 2012

“Went Twice in Two Days!”
Our trip to Kurtz Corral will be talked about by my family for a long time to come. I should say trips as we had so much fun on our first visit, we came back two days later. I have to admit I was a bit nervous when my husband announced he wanted to take me and our 8 yr old daughter riding on our vacation. I had next to no experience riding, our daughter none and well, horses are really big, powerful animals. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Max, one of the friendly farm dogs and two super friendly staff members who immediately put me at ease. After some paperwork, and a quick but informative video, we chose our helmets and armed with treats, went to meet our horses. We had Brianna for our guide both visits and she was a delight; competent, full of knowledge and very good with our daughter. The staff matched us to our horses perfectly: Dakota for my husband (both of whom like to do things their own way), Remmy (Remington) for our daughter, who was a gentle giant, and Carly for me who was a very good leader and has THE most comfortable saddle ever. On our second visit my husband was paired with Dakota again and my daughter had Scooter and I had Goldilocks. Both rides were so much fun and Brianna took us through fields and woods meandering through less traveled paths on the second ride which was really fun. Our horses were very well behaved and familiar with our routes, but by no means robots. We had plenty of opportunities to practice stopping, starting and turning. After dismounting and feeding our horses treats, we played fetch with Max and cuddled with the adorable kittens on-site. There is no doubt we will make Kurtz Corral a regular stop when visiting Door County. We had a wonderful 1 hour walk through both fields and woods

~ Reviewed August 31, 2012

“Time to horse around”
If your enjoy horses like I do this is a must see. Simply visit and see the horses or take a ride in the country side. You will enjoy.

~ Reviewed August 11, 2012

“Best Trail Ride of My Life!!”
Kurtz Corral was the highlight of our Door County trip! My husband and I arranged a 2 hour "advanced skills" trail ride for the morning of our 10th Anniversary. We were introduced to Erin, our friendly and very skilled trail guide, and our horses, Chica and Bambi- 2 beautiful, naturally gaited Paso Fino mares. I was hoping for a bigger, sport horse type but was quickly impressed by the responsive, willing and quick Chica. She was an absolute blast to ride. Our ride consisted of wooded trails and open fields, perfect for putting the horses through their paces. I was so pleased with how personable and friendly our guide Erin was. She was a wealth of information about the area.
The facility, barns, horses and staff were all top notch. Everything was clean. The owner, Mr. Kurtz, is quite the guy and we were lucky to have a great chat with him after our ride. We couldn't be happier with our horse adventure!
Tip....If you love to ride, are fit and have had several experiences with horses, don't be afraid of the Advanced Skills Ride. It's longer and can be tailored to your skill level, an hour would be too short for this horse lover.

~ Reviewed August 9, 2012

“Fantastic Horses, Great place to take the whole family!”
Great riding experience for our whole family! Well taken care of horses are gentle and a pleasure to ride. Owners are friendly and had great recommendations for other stops on our trip. Spend a little time throwing Max his ball and you will have a friend for life! A must stop on your Door County vacation!

~ Reviewed July 4, 2012

“Great for young kids who have never been on a horse”
The people at Kurtz Corral are great with the young beginner rider. We took our 6 year old granddaughter to Kurtz, who was a little apprehensive about getting on a big animal. They handle the situation perfectly, and she ended up riding for over an hour on a trail ride.

~ Reviewed June 24, 2012

“Great time/beautiful scenery”
My daughter and I went riding on a cold post-season day in October. It was beautiful! The owner and staff are very careful regarding safety. It is well set up. We are experienced and still own a horse but never can ride together. I was there for the scenery and was not disappointed. We both enjoyed the ride, the trail guide, and the entire experience. I would recommend to anyone with any level of experience. They'll take care of you. If we had more time, I would have gone again.

~ Reviewed November 1, 2011

John M. (Yelp)
Whenever we travel to the country, we like to ride the horses. We had heard good things about Kurtz Corral so we came by on Sunday of Labor Day weekend to try it out. Wow! What a smooth operation! They run trail rides just about every half hour throughout the middle part of the day and they people here are wonderful! This is an especially nice place for children to come as the folks who run the place really take care of their customers, especially the children. I was amazed. The horses are obviously well treated and cared for - in great condition and friendly! The trail rides are fun and it is a relaxing atmosphere. The farm has a place where those who do not wish to ride can watch all the action, including the geese who are very, very feisty. I counted three dogs including a big black Lab who is as friendly as the day is long. You will not go wrong here if you are looking for horseback riding and you will have a good time. This is a great find.

~ Reviewed November 19, 2011

“If you like Horses and Visit Door County, This is Your Place!”
We love horses and really wanted to go horseback riding when visiting Door County. Kurtz Corral was recommended to us by a local, so we went there to take advantage of a beautiful autumn day. What a wonderful place this is! First, they obviously care very well for their horses - all the horses looked great and were obviously well attended to. Second, this place is very popular - so much so that they had a steady stream of people coming in for horseback rides. It was very methodical. However, they were also very personal and attentive. The staff here is great. They make sure that everyone knows the rules of how to work with horses and they make sure to match the rider with a particular horse that will suit them. They offer beginner rides in the arena, a simple walking ride where there is nothing more than sitting on the horse and going through the woods, and they also have a little more advanced ride. They also have customized rides available for the choosing.
The horse farm is interesting, too. They have a couple of geese that are very interesting to watch -- they think they own the place. There are also chickens and other farm animals. I also saw three dogs including a very, very friendly black Labrador retriever. If someone in the group doesn't or cannot ride, there is a wonderful porch to sit in a chair and watch the action.
This is also a great place for families. I have a feeling that this may have been some families' regular visit when they came to Door County. The staff is outstanding with the children and they make the whole process so smooth. You will not have to wait long for your ride as they seem to have one almost every half-hour. (This was during the Labor Day weekend on Sunday, so it might have been a busier time, too.)
We have been around the country and occasionally participate in horseback riding and found this to be one of the cleanest, most efficient and welcoming horseback riding stables we have experienced. I can honestly say that this is one place we will probably return to in the future and enjoy more.

~ Reviewed September 18, 2011